List of Lighthouse Keepers

Charles W. Vanderhoop, Principal Keeper

Charles W. Vanderhoop, Principal Keeper, 1920-1933

Lighthouse keepers maintained the light, keeping the beacon shining through the night.

Ebenezer Skiff (Principal Keeper 1799-1828); Ellis Skiff (Principal Keeper 1828-1845); Samuel H. Flanders (Principal Keeper 1845-1849 and 1853–1861); Henry Robinson (Principal Keeper 1849-1853); Ichabod Norton Luce (Principal Keeper 1861-1864); Calvin C. Adams (Principal Keeper 1864-1869); Horatio N. T. Pease (Assistant Keeper 1863-1869, Principal Keeper 1869-1890); Frederick Poole (Assistant Keeper c. 1884); Calvin M. Adams (Assistant Keeper c. 1872-?); Frederick H. Lambert (Assistant Keeper c. 1870s); William Acheson (Principal Keeper 1890-91); Edward P. Lowe (Principal Keeper 1891-1892); Crosby L. Crocker (Principal Keeper 1892-1920); Charles W. Vanderhoop (Principal Keeper 1920-1933); Max Attaquin (Assistant Keeper 1920 -1933); James E. Dolby (Principal Keeper 1933-1937); Frank A. Grieder (Principal Keeper 1937-1948); Sam Fuller (Assistant Keeper c.? 1940s); Arthur Bettencourt (Principal Keeper 1948-?); Joseph Hindley (Principal Keeper c.?-1956); William Waterway Marks (Principal Keeper 1985-1994); Charles Vanderhoop, Jr. (Assistant Keeper 1985-1990); Helen Manning (Assistant Keeper 1985-1990); Robert McMahon (Assistant Keeper 1985-1990); Richard Skidmore and Joan LeLacheur (Assistant Keepers 1990–94, Principal Keepers 1994–present).